Directory Listing for MXNet Variants

Variant Package Name Link
CPU mxnet
MKL mxnet-mkl
CU80 mxnet-cu80
CU80MKL mxnet-cu80mkl
CU90 mxnet-cu90
CU90MKL mxnet-cu90mkl
CU92 mxnet-cu92
CU92MKL mxnet-cu92mkl
CU100 mxnet-cu100
CU100MKL mxnet-cu100mkl
CU101 mxnet-cu101
CU101MKL mxnet-cu101mkl
CU102 mxnet-cu102
CU102MKL mxnet-cu102mkl

As an example, you can use the following command for installing nightly build for the CPU variant (package name mxnet) from the directory listing with pip.

pip install --pre mxnet -f